I have the BEST students!

The following are testimonials from students in my various classes including screenwriting, songwriting, creativity and memory.

“You’re a great, entertaining teacher!” – Julie B.

I thought your class was amazing and I would like to keep in touch with you to let you know how things are progressing with my writing.” – Kevin R.

“Enjoyed your classes, as always, so keep me in the loop.” – Susan B.

“My plan is to have my outline done by the 15th of August to see if you think it’s ‘Porter approved’ ” – Britt H.

“Thank you for your informative, hands-on learning experience. You gave the framework for successful song writing in a well structured format. Your class is excellent for anyone looking for an efficient method for songwriting. Your enthusiasm for the subject is apparent and contagious as well. If it is not obvious by my commentary, your class receives my highest recommendation.” – Rick F.

Hi – Just want to say how much I enjoyed your class and all the wisdom/inspiration you passed on – here’s hoping it all bears fruit!” – Elisa B.

“You ARE brilliant.” – Ayn M.

Michael Porter is a gifted, thoughtful educator, I’ve participated in his classes/workshops in the past and I’ve always walked away with good, usable guidance for my projects.” – David M.

Thanks, Michael. It was a most insightful and enjoyable class. You do your job well!” – Janice S.

“Great class, fun to be with somebody like who is unstoppably creative!” – Martha H.

“Thanks for all of the invaluable materials you have been sending over.  I LOVED the class last Saturday.” – Joyce H.

“I really have you to thank, MP.  You have motivated and sparked a creative side in me that I didn’t even know EXISTED.  For that I must say thanks.” – David Y.

“I think you are really one of a kind and a breath of fresh air in academics.” – Mimi H.

“Wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying your class.  I’ve taken many CE classes at U of M but this is by far the best (and I’m not trying to be a suck up—I’m too old for that).” – Margaret Y.

It was a great morning. I think those attendees will be better employees and people as a result. You did a great job!” – Chuck K. aka “The Kingfish”

“You have a teacher’s heart!” – Debra T.

“It has been a great class. It has helped me overcome my fears and doubts, and motivated me to start writing my first story and screenplay. I may not have anything to show you by the end of class, but definitely over next few weeks.” – Sumit S.

“Last Saturday’s class was amazing.  I wish someone had videotaped it.” – Cecil S.

“It has been a great class.  I have learned a lot and it has enabled me to actually write the screenplay, eventually.  Without this class, I never would have gained the knowledge to do it.” – Steven Q.

Just wanted to thank you for presenting the workshop. I was looking for an overview of the basics and that’s what I got. Also took away some unfamiliar ‘food for thought’. Enjoyed the morning.” – Brent B.