Christmas Songs

Christmas in Memphis

Christmas In Memphis

©1985 Singles Only Music, BMI

By Michael Porter & Stephony Smith

It’s December Twenty-Four

Just Like All The Ones Before

This One Is Different

Seems Like Everyone I See

Makes A Point of Wishing Me

A Merry Christmas

*It’s Not The Presents Or The Lights Up On The Trees

It’s Not the Santas Ringing Bells Out In The Streets

It’s That I’m Home and There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

Because It’s Christmas in Memphis

Christmas In Memphis

Christmas in Memphis, Tennessee

Once Again It Didn’t Snow

And I Turn on My Radio

And “Blue Christmas” Plays

When the Clock Rolls Past The Twelve

We Put Time Put Up On A Shelf

Just For A Day

*Repeat Chorus

On This Silent Night Hear The Church Bells Ring

As the River Goes By Caroling

There’s Not A Stranger Tonight In This Town On The Bluff

A Star Shines Bright As A Symbol of Love

*Repeat Chorus

Remember The Babe

“Remember the Babe”

©1996 Michael Porter and Phil Black

I love the scent of burning logs

I love the taste of fresh eggnog

I love to make my Christmas list

I love the frost and snowy mist

I love the tinsel in the trees

I love the season shopping sprees

I love the greetings and the cheer

But most of all I love to hear the story of the Babe

The Babe of the Christmas Day

And in His name to you this prayer I say

*Like the angel may your words bring good news to behold

May you come to know the wealth of frankincense and gold

May you posses great knowledge like the Eastern Magi men

May your light shine as bright as the Star of Bethlehem

May you receive a miracle when the night is cold and hard

May your heart always be open like a living Christmas card

I love the thought of peace and joy

I love “The Little Drummer Boy”

I love it when George Bailey sings as Clarence finally gets his wings

I love the flavors and the smells

I love the Barking Jingle Bells

I love Rudolph and Santa Claus

But most of all I love to pause and remember the Babe

The Babe of Christmas Day

And in His name to you this prayer I say

*Repeat Chorus